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What are the PC requirements

Cutviewer runs on almost any PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. 1GB of memory is recommended but more is always better.

What gcodes are supported

Cutviewer supports the following gcodes:

  • G00 = Rapid linear move
  • G01 = Feed linear move
  • G02 = Circular move CW
  • G03 = Circular move CCW
  • G04 = Dwell time
  • G17 = Contour plane is XY (Z = spindle)
  • G18 = Contour plane is ZX (Y = spindle)
  • G19 = Contour plane is YZ (X = spindle)
  • G40 = Cutter compensation off
  • G41 = Cutter compensation to the left of the programmed path
  • G42 = Cutter compensation to the right of the programmed path
  • G52 = Coordinate system offset
  • G54 – G59 = Work coordinate shift,offset G54-G59
  • G80 = Cancel canned cycle
  • G81 = Basic drilling cycle
  • G82 = Counter bore cycle
  • G83 = Peck drilling cycle
  • G84 = Tapping cycle
  • G85, G86, G87, G88, G89 = Boring cycles.
  • G90 = Absolute coordinate positioning. Points based from XYZ zero.
  • G91 = Incremental coordinate positioning. Point to point positioning.
  • G92 = Zero Pre-Set
  • G94 = Feedrate per Minute (lathe)
  • G95 = Feedrate per Revolution (lathe)
  • G96 = Constant surface speed (CSS) control (lathe)

What versions of gcode are supported

  • Fanuc
  • Siemens
  • Heidenhain
  • Deckel
  • Fadal
  • Dynapath
  • Deckel
  • Gildemeister
  • Traub
  • Okuma
  • Anilam Crusader
  • Haas

Note that these are only the general dialects of gcode that are supported, not the machines themselves. The vast majority of machines out there are covered by the options above.

Why does my simulation stop after 80,000 lines

Fanuc controls have an 80K line limit and Cutviewer faithfully simulates this. When you load your gcode, pick the “Standard gcode” file type which will not have any limitation.

Why won’t Cutviewer run without Administrator rights

Cutviewer requires the user to have read access to the following registry key:


and read/write access to (32 Bit Windows):


and read/write access to (64 Bit Windows):


If appropriate access to these keys is given to the user then Cutviwer will run without administrator privliges.