The Best VR Hardware

Headphones for smartphones, headphones for consoles, independent headphones or autonomous headphones, I tried to find some for all tastes. Nevertheless, the best value for money of the moment is probably the unmissable Oculus Rift.

I invite you to consult my purchasing guide at the end of this article to determine the issues of virtual reality and the helmet that will fulfill your expectations.

In this price range, I was only able to offer you two headphones for a smartphone. I tried to select only models that offered good comfort, good ergonomics, quality lenses, and an impressive variety of games.

Samsung Gear VR: the best cheap


  • Good immersion
  • One of the best controllers
  • More and more Applications. Access to the Oculus Store


  • Lack of compatibility

At the end of 2015, the Samsung Gear VR was released, the result of the collaboration between Samsung and Oculus, truly launching the market of virtual reality for smartphones.

But its supremacy is contested: indeed, the Samsung Gear VR is only compatible with the Samsung smartphones… and yet, not all! The version that I propose you is one of the most comprehensive since it is compatible with the Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S7/S7edge/S8/S8/S9 Note 8 and A8.

As a result, users of other smartphones have claimed their share of the pie, which has stimulated competition… but still, from a technical point of view, Samsung’s VR headphones remain among the best. Anyway, if you have a Samsung Galaxy, it’s a must.

The great strength of this helmet is that the power and resolution of the Galaxy coupled with the quality of the VR make it a competitor of models (without smartphones) at a much higher price. It comes with remote control directly inspired by the first HTC Vive controller – this is a good point -, with a sensitive and solid touchpad and a good grip (although the difference is that the Gear controller is only used as a pointer and is not detected in space). The pairing of the remote control and the smartphone via Bluetooth is a breeze.

Let’s talk about design – and there’s something to tell. Bigger and heavier than the Daydream that I present to you a little further, it is still very pleasant to wear. It can be adjusted in one move, and the foam pads are very comfortable.

This headset also features a USB-C port for charging and connecting to your phone – a great improvement over the micro-USB.

On top of the helmet is the lens fitting ring. These are of very good quality. To this, we add the resolution 2.560 x 1.440, which has become standard on the Galaxy, and it is simply unbeatable for this price range.

If to date, the number of VR applications is larger on Google models than Samsung, the brand is catching up on it. So you should be able to enjoy it for (very) many hours.

Google Daydream View 2017: Google’s new VR headphones version 2017


  • Excellent design
  • Comfortable
  • Large lens area


  • Smartphone room not perfectly closed

Aesthetically, the Daydream View is a stroke of heart. Its design is more than neat, with a chinned fabric cover available in several colors. The parts in contact with the face are padded, and it is placed on the head thanks to an elastic band adjustable rather comfortable.

It comes with a small remote control, and this is the most. Other VR helmets chose to place the controls on the aircraft itself. But there is nothing like the pleasure of really reaching out to pull or cast a spell. She’s small, minimalist, super design. A little sensitive pad acts as a joystick.

The room in which the phone is placed closes with simple small lace. If one can be dubious, at first, about such a system, one quickly realizes that a discreet rubber coating allows to perfectly hold the smartphone in place. And while it is compatible with many models, it does not affect stability.

Lens space is large enough for glasses. It is therefore quite pleasant to wear, except that, like many of these devices, it leaves a red trace on the forehead and cheeks. There’s no way you’re going to have a quiet little game in your room while you’re supposed to be studying for your exams. Otherwise, you’d be on the hook!

However, there is a downside: unlike its competitors in the field of RV for smartphones, the smartphone room is not perfectly closed. With the shutters open, there are light leaks that reveal small dust or finger marks on the phone screen.

Once again, the Daydream app gives you access to a growing range of apps and games, including Netflix VR and Youtube VR.

On the menu, the first stand-alone headphones of the selection, as well as Sony’s famous console headphones.