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Virtual Reality Is The Reality Of Fun In Games

Virtual reality or VR is a technological experience that takes you to a simulated and immersive environment that can make you feel like the real world. VR is applied in the areas of entertainment (for example video games and educational purposes for example medical or military training. Augmented reality and mixed reality are other distinct types of virtual reality. The popularity of VR has inspired online casinos to build online VR casino games. To play some of the latest VR titles, we invite you to visit Planet 7. Here you can claim a no deposit bonus that you can spend on playing any slots games they offer free of charge.

Interesting Facts About VR

Virtual reality as a concept itself sounds very interesting. Presenting 5 lesser known facts about VR that will fascinate you even more:

1. The First VR Headset named “Telesphere Mask” was invented by Morton Heilig in 1960s. it featured stereoscopic (3-D) TV, with a wide vision and a great quality stereo sound.

2. Markets and Markets report estimated the market of VR in 2017 to be $5.1 billion.

3. There is a lot more to VR than just game and entertainment, it plays a huge role in the field of healthcare to treat mental disorders like depression and anxiety disorders , autism, and PTSD

4. A device called EyePhone 1/HRX was created in the 1980s by Jaron Lanier which was a virtual reality device worth $49,000.

5. A company named Virtual I/O introduced a pair of virtual reality glasses to the world named “iGlasses” worth $1000 in 1995.

Best Online Casinos Optimized For VR

The online casinos have started taking their gaming experience to a whole new level of joy in gambling. When you step into the new VR casinos it makes you feel like you are actually in a real legal casino. Obviously, VR casinos will have it all. Players favorite games like slots games, poker, blackjack, and other casino specialties are there to enjoy. Plus the mobile casino offer casino bonus like no deposit bonuses, so if you like this VR casino games you can play with the casino bonus to win real money. They are really doubling down on those casino bonus codes because VR is a new technology and they want people trying it out and experimenting with it without going sub-zero on their bank account. So play now at least while the casinos are offering these no deposit, no questions asked terms and see what new technology in gaming has to offer.

How Virtual Reality And Online Casinos Evolved

The first attempts to make virtual reality took place 20 years ago which led to the rise of VFX1 virtual reality. However, 2019 saw a completely new way of gaming with VR gaming gears like

  1. Valve’s Stream VR,
  2. Facebook’s Oculus Rift,
  3. Sony’s PlayStation VR, and
  4. HTC’s Vice.

The cutting edge technology of VR has compelled many companies to incorporate VR phenomenon in the online casino industry.

In the 90s, online casinos had baffled players from around the world. Before that gambling was limited to land-based casinos only. After the introduction of online casinos, people from all over the world started trying their luck. With time, more and more games had been added to the casinos. If you aren’t a fan of downloading casino games, but you like to play them directly from your browser, go on clubplayernodeposit.com and find out how instant play casinos work and why are so popular today.

Why VR Casinos Are Awesome

VR casinos are rising in popularity because of its unique experience of sitting in a real casino in a virtual world. And just like on a regular online casino, you can search for the best no deposit deals, play immersive and unique games free of charge, and have a chance of winning big, all while being comfortable in your room. The only thing you will be missing in a virtual casino is the smell of the cigar.

These are a new rage among the youth. Imagine sitting at your home and playing online poker in a live casino, playing casino games with other players live. VR games relive the world of fantasy at your fingertip.